Tim Galpin consults to boards and senior management in various industries around the world, helping them to successfully plan and implement complex efforts, including strategy formulation and execution, M&A due diligence and post-deal integration, organizational transformation, and culture change. His projects produce measurable cost reductions, sales increases, and productivity improvements, that often exceed targets and accelerate projected timelines.

Consulting Services

Merger and Acquisition Strategy, Due Diligence, and Integration:

  • Develop/clarify M&A strategy and goals
  • Evaluate current M&A capabilities
  • Conduct organizational, human capital, and cultural due diligence
  • Identify and prioritize integration options and actions for accelerated synergy capture
  • Develop integration capabilities and action plans (actions, timelines, key milestones, accountabilities, cross-functional coordination, budgets, progress and results measurement and reporting)
  • Integration planning and execution management (integration decision-making protocols, program management, progress assessments, adjustments, measurement and reporting)
  • Cultural comparison and integration
  • Key talent retention and “re-recruitment”
  • Customer retention and “re-recruitment”
  • Key stakeholder communications
  • Measurement and reporting of results

Strategic Planning:

  • Assess current business strategy and results progress
  • Analyze and prioritize key environmental/external impacts including:  competition, market, economic factors, etc.
  • Evaluate current strategy execution progress and capabilities
  • Identify and prioritize strategic options
  • Strategic recommendations (key components, budget and projections, potential risks, measurement and reporting)

Strategy Execution:

  • Evaluate current strategy execution progress and capabilities
  • Develop strategy execution capabilities and action plans (actions, timelines, key milestones, accountabilities, cross-functional coordination, budgets, progress and results measures)
  • Strategy execution management (implementation progress reviews, decision making protocols, adjustments, measurement and reporting)

Organizational Culture Change:

  • Assess current organizational culture / conduct “Cultural Audit”
  • Determine desired culture
  • Identify cultural ‘gaps’
  • Culture change planning and execution management (program management, progress assessments, adjustments, measurement and reporting)
  • Measurement and reporting of results (short-term “quick wins”, medium-term, long-term)

Expert Witness:

  • Research
  • Report/brief preparation
  • Deposition and testimony

Example Clients