Tim’s consulting clients, audiences of his speaking engagements and participants in his courses gain practical know-how, pragmatic actions, and field-tested tools and frameworks to effectively transform their organisations, resulting in more well-rounded leaders, improved organisational productivity and increased cash flow. Tim’s consulting, speaking and training topics include:

Speaking/Training Topics

Achieving Exceptional Value from Mergers and AcquisitionsBest practices, key risks and common pitfalls across the entire process

A study of 2,500 public company transactions found that over 60% destroyed shareholder value. During Tim’s session you will learn how to create exceptional value from your transactions and avoid becoming just another failure statistic.

Session Topics

  • Developing a clear M&A strategy
  • Assessing target/partner company strategic and organisational fit
  • Conducting efficient and targeted operational and organisational due diligence
  • Developing more accurate valuations
  • Applying well-defined negotiation and bidding strategies
  • Accelerating post-close integration for maximum cost and revenue synergy capture
  • Leading and coordinating an agile integration management process
  • Comparing and combining organizational cultures
  • Retaining and “re-recruiting” key talent and customers
  • Delivering effective stakeholder communication
  • Amplifying workforce motivation and productivity
  • Tracking and reporting transaction success
  • Building M&A as a core competence of the organisation

Maximising Your Strategy’s Full Potential – A seven step process for effective implementation

Research has found that companies typically lose well over a third (37%) of their strategies’ potential value because of poor execution, while another study found that 80% of leaders feel their company is good at crafting strategy but only 44% at its implementation. Moreover, only 2% of executives are confident that they will achieve all of their strategic objectives. During Tim’s session you will learn how to realise your strategy’s full potential.

Session Topics

  • Identifying, prioritising and selecting core strategies
  • Conducting fast-track strategy implementation
  • Leading an agile strategy execution process
  • Aligning organisational culture with strategy
  • Intensifying stakeholder communication
  • Tracking and reporting strategy execution success
  • Building strategy execution as a core competence

Transforming Organisational Culture – Reengineering organisational choice architecture that shapes workforce behaviours

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” has been attributed to the late management guru Peter Drucker, and research has found that 48% of executives ranked organisational culture as the top driver of firm value, followed by the firm’s strategic plan (40%) and operating plan (39%), while 92% said that improving culture would increase their firm’s value. Astonishingly, only 16% of executives said their organisational culture is where it should be. The surveyed executives link culture to ethical choices (compliance, short-termism), innovation (creativity, taking appropriate risk), value creation (improved workforce productivity, successful mergers and acquisitions), and 85% said a poorly implemented, ineffective culture increases the chance that employees might act unethically or even illegally. During Tim’s session you will learn how to effectively transform your organisation’s culture.

Session Topics

  • Overhauling an organisation’s “cultural DNA”
  • Developing a culture of innovation
  • Leading an agile cultural transformation process
  • Aligning organisational culture with business strategy
  • Enhancing stakeholder communication
  • Tracking and reporting culture transformation success

Tim Galpin’s presentations and training sessions are a combination of tried and tested information and activities, with customisation to the particular audience’s situation, area of focus, industry, and needs. Tim’s speaking and training sessions range from: 60-90 minute ‘Key Note’ speeches, half-day or one-day seminars, to multi-day events. Each topic format can be structured as:  speaking only, facilitated activities and discussion, or a combination of speaking, activities and discussion.

Example Presentations and Trainings:

  • UBS
  • GE
  • Mobil Oil
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Lyondell Petrochemicals
  • Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
  • New York University
  • Bayer (Milan, Italy)
  • Latin America HR Congress (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Arcelor Steel (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Harrods of London (London, England)
  • Naseba (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • Bangkok Chamber of Commerce (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Banco do Brasil (Brasilia, Brazil)
  • Salon Capital Humanos  (Madrid, Spain)
  • IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong, China)

Example Interviews:

Testimonials for Tim Galpin’s Speaking and Training:

“In our recent company-wide M&A training, Tim effectively led key members across our company through insightful and pragmatically useful discussions on the end-to-end M&A process, with a particular focus on tools and approaches to link due diligence with integration and synergy objectives.  Tim’s focus on the people side of transactions and his down to earth style connected well with our team.”

-TED PAPENTHIEN, Corporate Director of Strategy and Business Development, Woodward, Inc.

“I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Tim over a 3 year period while at Verizon Wireless. Our Merger Integration and Business Development teams continually sought out ways to take our existing program to a desired “higher gear” and we engaged to Tim to provide key training sessions that offered strategic insights and best practices. Tim has an extensive body of knowledge and proven tools and methods to successfully lead and deliver large scale enterprise M&A in complex business and technology environments. Tim quickly developed a tailored training program for our specific industry needs and provided unique insight across the domestic and international space. We were fortunate to have Tim at Verizon and I look forward to working with him on future initiatives.”

-JOAN GRAHAM, former Director of Business Integration, Verizon Wireless

“Tim Galpin lead two on-site, full-day training classes for a large number of subject matter experts at TECO Energy on the M&A due diligence process.  The classes involved training and exercises for senior staff that had a range of prior experience in M&A transactions from none to significant.  This work helped to level set and broaden the organization’s M&A skills and provided an invaluable foundation of knowledge to work from in subsequent M&A transactions.  The training helped to provide best practices and educated staff on their roles and responsibilities in the areas of due diligence and integration. I would highly recommend Tim as an instructor in M&A.”

-DELAINE M. BACON, Managing Director – Business Strategy, Policy and Analysis, TECO Energy

“On behalf of all of the participants in the First Flat Carbon Steel Sector Executives Orientation Program and especially in the name of the Flat Carbon Sector Management Committee I wish to express our gratitude and recognition for your brilliant training…I look forward to you sharing with us your experiences again in the future. In the meantime, I remain at your disposal for any of Arcelor’s collaboration that you may consider.”

-GUILLERMO ULACIA, Senior Executive Vice president, Arcelor Steel, Luxembourg

“By far, the best business-oriented content in the programme.”

“The best class of the entire Executive MBA. Tim is a highly engaging lecturer who handles the class brilliantly and achieved a perfect combination of content, class discussion, and real-life examples.”

“The class sessions from Tim Galpin were phenomenal. Tim’s class is exactly what we are looking for as executives trying to advance our careers. His class sessions featured content which could be absorbed and used immediately in our work.”