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The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions is the ultimate handbook for planning and managing your M&A strategy, due diligence, and post-merger integration. The updated third edition contains new information and tools to help firms in any industry manage deals of all sizes.

“With the 3rd edition of The Complete Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions, readers will be treated to Galpin and Herndon’s insights and experience in the world of business transactions. No matter how large or small the acquisition you might be planning, public or private, reach for this valuable and practical guide first. If success is what you’re after, then make the commitment to prepare yourself and your team; this book is the way to do it.”
—JAN K. GRUDE, President and Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Blue Cross/Blue Shield

“Galpin and Herndon’s third edition, updated with recent case examples, new tools and templates, and recent research findings, makes this required reading for anyone considering mergers and acquisitions.”
—FERNANDO PAIZ, Former Chairman, Walmart Central America

“Galpin and Herndon’s first edition was required reading at US Airways as we successfully merged with American West Airlines in 2005.  Once again, they have hit it on the head with this insightful, practical guide to successfully integrating companies. From the practical to the philosophical, this is the book for any company considering a merger or acquisition.”
—DOUG PARKER, Chairman and CEO, US Airways

“In a world where mergers and acquisitions almost never reach their publicly proclaimed synergies, The Complete Guide to Mergers & Acquisitions is a step-by-step guide that takes an applied, practitioner’s approach to all aspects of M&A from due diligence to integration planning and execution to change management. Galpin and Herndon, proven executives and thought leaders, provide critical insight for anyone responsible for organizational alignment, integration, and the ultimate recognition of synergies.”
—MARK GASTA, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Vail Resorts Management Company

“We used Galpin and Herndon’s book as a guide when we were shaping our M&A process and toolkit. The book helped us create templates and structure the due diligence and integration processes that we have applied in several transactions. It presents a clear structure for organizing and conducting due diligence and integration that we used in training exercises with our diligence and management teams. It’s concise and easy to follow, and it gave us a head start on implementing our M&A strategy.”
—MARSHALL TUCKER, Manager Business Development, Tampa Electric Company

“No matter how conceptually good an acquisition looks from 30,000 feet, if the M&A deal structure and follow-on  implementation aren’t optimized, the acquisition will fall short.  That’s why we rely on the concepts and methods aptly laid out in this book.”
—JIM WICKETT, Executive Vice President Corporate Development, Macrovision Corporation